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Here are all courses in Swedish, English and German starting soon:

Swedish A1 Beginner's Online Classes Starting Aug 25, Thursdays 5 pm, CET

and also

Swedish A1 Beginner's Online Classes Starting Aug 24, Wednesdays 6 pm, CET

and also this following beginner's course held in German:

Neu: Schwedisch A1 mit Start 24. August immer Mittwochs 19 Uhr auf Deutsch gehalten.



Swedish A2 Online Classes Starting Sept 28, Tuesdays, 7 pm CET

Swedish A1.2 Online Classes Starting Aug 30, 2022, Tuesdays 4 pm, CET


Sept 2, Fridays 9 am, CET


Swedish A1.3 Online Classes Starting Sept 19, 2022, Mondays 6 pm, CET

This course has already started but you can still join us with a discount.

German A1 Online Classes Starting Aug 23, Tuesdays, 5 pm CET

German A2 Online Classes Starting Aug 26, Fridays, 5 pm CET

German A2.2 Online Classes Starting Aug 24, Wednesdays, 5 pm CET

German C1 Intensive Online Classes Starting Aug 30, Tuesdays 3 - 4;30 pm CET. This course serves as a  preparation for the C1 exam.

English B1 Online Classes Starting Aug 29, Mondays, 5 pm CET

English A2 Online Classes Starting Sept 2, Fridays at 4 pm, CET

Did you not find your level or pace? LTT also offers intensive classes or we start a new course at a specific level.

To find out your Swedish level click on:

If you rather wish to learn in a more intensive environment, in which the classes are individually tailored, where you choose time and day with flexibility, then you might want to try one-on-one classes. They are held both online and in in person in the larger Malmö region. You can always book a free trial lesson and decide from there.



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